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What training do your instructors receive before leading a trip?

Our staff are experienced outdoor educators or guides.  Each trip will be accompanied by a trip leader who has undergone Wilderness First Responder (WFR) training and child abuse prevention training. 

How large are the groups?

An important element to our trips is the small group size. Our groups are typically 6 - 10 participants and 2 instructors.

Will my child need any special skills or knowledge before going?

No. A participant does not need any previous outdoor experience. This program allows participants to grow not only as a leader, but in their knowledge of wilderness survival and conservation as well.

Do we need to purchase special equipment for any of the trips?

No. We provide all the group gear such as tents and stoves. We have many personal items and equipment available for loan, such as: boots, jackets, backpacks, and sleeping bags. If you need help acquiring any items or equipment for this trip, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (812) 385 - 3597.  Also, feel free to check out our packing list here.


7:00 am     

7:30 am


8:00 am   


8:45 am   


9:15 am 




10:30 am   


12:00 pm   


2:30 pm


3:30 pm     


4:00 pm     


5:00 pm     

6:00 pm    


7:30 pm 




8:30 pm   



8:45 pm     


9:00 pm    

Wake Up

Everyone starts their assigned group job: cooking breakfast, packing tents and bags, or getting water.


Breakfast (Chow Circle) led by the “Leader of the Day”. The Leader of the Day will share announcements and appreciations.


Pack up and “sweep” the camp to make sure that it is as beautiful as when they found it. Then the groupwill gather around the map to see the route they will be traveling that day.


The group helps each other put on their backpacks and then starts their hike for the day. The Leader of the Day will be hiking at the front of the group, helping instructors make group decisions and assisting instructors with guiding the other participants. The “Navigator” will be in charge of the map.


Break Time to eat a snack, relax, or play a game.




Reach destination and set up camp.


Relaxation Time


Group Game


Dinner prep and evening jobs such as: setting up hand washing station, purifying water, or writing in thegroup journal.




Courage Circle - a time for reflection and sharing about the day and their lives. Each participant and instructor can share their “ownerships”: one positive thing they did that day that they are proud of, and one constructive thing that they could have done better. They will also share “appreciations”: things others had done for them or helped them with that day.

Instructors share details of the next day, including where they will be heading, any new information, and jobs for the next day.


Bedtime in sleeping bags in tents.


Flashlights Out

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