Camper FAQs

I'm going to miss a year of camp and not see my Camp Friends.

While Camp is the place that you met some of your great camp friends, we encourage you to reach out outside of Camp: talk, write letters, and, when it is safe to do so, hang out with them. Our camp community may be physically distant this year, but the friendships, lessons, and memories of camp magic are always cherished and you can hold on to them and bring them home.

I really wanted to see my counselors.

Our conselors are feeling the same emotions as you. there is an indescribable wave of energy and emotion when campers come through the gate on check-in days. The relationships that you have with your counselors are incredibly important, and just because you can't see them this summer doesn't mean you can't keep those relationships. Just like with you camper friends, you can write a letter to your counselor; we know that hearing from you brightens their days as much as you enjoy writing the letter. If you senf the letter to us, we will get them out to tyou favorite counselor! YMCA Camp Carson Attn. Sarah/Counselor Letters 2034 Outer Lake Road Princeton, IN 47670

What will next summer look like?

We hope that over the next year we will get a clearer picture of what our Summer Programming will look like in the wake of COVID-19. We will plan and adjust to ensure our program is safe, fun, and impactful. We will spend the next year going through all of the information, guidelines, and best practices to ensure that we can make Summer 2021 the BEST. SUMMER. EVER.

I was going to be a 1st year camper this year, what about me?

We're so sorry that you won't get to have your first Camp Carson summer this year, but please know that we are welcoming you into our Carson Familty from afar! We hope you will join us next summer! Be sure to follow us on Instagram to see pictures of camp and learn about ways to connect with us over the next year!

It was supposed to be my last year as a camper.

If you were supposed to be a last year camper or CIT, please be on the lookout for more information to come. We understand completely what these summers mean to you and are working tirelessly to make plans with you in mind. We will be emailing you soon with updates.

How can I stay connected to camp this summer?

Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebaook. Also, check out The Carson Connection here.