The Canteen (camp store) is open each afternoon during free swim. A selection of t-shirts, souvenirs, ice cream, beverages,  candy and salty snacks are available.  Campers are limited to 2 sugary snacks each day (candy and soda).  Pretzels, ice cream, nuts, trail mix and a variety of baked chips are also available.

For safety, please DO NOT allow campers to keep money in the cabin. 


You may deposit canteen money to your camper’s account online prior to your camper's arrival:

  • Access your Parent Account

  • Click on the View Accounts section

  • Select your camper and click "Fund"

  • Enter in an amount and your credit card information

  • Click "Fund Account"


We recommend a $40 deposit. For weekend stayover campers, we suggest an $90 deposit.


A canteen summary of your camper’s account will be made available on Friday before check out.


Three options are available for any remaining funds in your camper’s account on Friday:

  • DONATE remaining funds to provide camp scholarships for children of military families.

  • SPEND the remaining funds.

  • REFUND in cash if $25.00 or less.  If over $25.00, a refund check will be issued to you within 3 to 4 weeks of check out day.

If you do not check out at the canteen Friday, we will automatically designate any remaining funds to scholarships for children of military families.