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If your child has allergies, please clearly document your camper's needs on the Allergies portion of the Health History Form on your camper's Forms Dashboard.


Camp Carson takes seriously its responsibility to provide all campers with a healthy camping experience.  We maintain a well-equipped health center with qualified medical personnel on-site 24 hours a day.  In addition, all our counselors hold current certification in First Aid, CPR, Oxygen, and AED and are thoroughly trained to properly handle emergency situations.  We also have arrangements with a local pediatrician and Gibson General Hospital (only 10 minutes from camp) to meet any needs which may arise. To be sure campers are ready for camp, we require a physical to be completed for every child within 24 months of entering camp.  Physical Examination Forms can be found on your camper's forms dashboard.



The vast majority of bumps, scrapes and bug bites are treated at camp by the camp medical staff.  If the camp medical staff determines that your child needs to spend the night in the health center, needs to be seen by a physician or perhaps make an adjustment to medications, he/she will call to discuss this with you.


For the safety of all campers, Prescription Medications must be turned in to the camp medical staff at the Main Lodge during Check In.  Medications must be in the original container and can only be dispensed according to the dosage instructions detailed on the original container.  Any alteration to the prescription must be provided on a physician's letterhead or prescription pad.


MEDICATION DROP OFF For the safety of all campers, Over the Counter Medications must also be in the original container and turned in to the camp medical staff during Check In.  Medications such as Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Benadryl etc. are stocked in the camp Health Center and are dispensed per standing orders from our local pediatrician.  The medical staff is happy to receive any medication not stocked in our Health Center.  Written instructions for each Over the Counter Medication must also be documented on the Medication Authorization Form.


Medications are dispensed by the medical staff at breakfast (8:00 am), lunch (12:30 pm) and dinner (5:30 pm )at the Dining Hall and at bedtime at the Health Center.  If your camper's medication schedule cannot fall within this schedule, please discuss with the medical staff when you turn in your camper's medications during Check In.


MEDICATION PICK UP:  All medications are placed in each camper's baggage prior to check out on Friday.  Refrigerated meds or other special medical equipment can be picked from the medical staff in the Lodge.




For the health and safety of all campers and staff, several preventive safety measures are put in place.


ANNUAL PHYSICALS    A completed Camp Carson Health Examination Form must be completed for each camper.  The front is completed and signed by a parent and the back is to be completed, signed and dated by a licensed physician.  The physical date must fall within 24 months of the camper’s arrival at camp. 


BED BUG PREVENTION   While camp has never had bed bugs, we do take preventive measures with quarterly sniffer dog inspections.  Inspections are performed by a local, certified pest control company.  One of these quarterly inspections occurs immediately prior to the first week of camp.


HEAD LICE PREVENTION   If your child has had head lice or has been exposed through a friend or family member, please have a nurse or physician carefully check your child’s scalp before opening day.  The presence of head lice should be treated and then rechecked before coming to camp.  All children do receive a basic health screening and head lice check prior to the swim test on opening day.  If lice are detected, campers must be sent home immediately. No exceptions.  We will work with the family to reschedule the camper for a later summer session.


ILLNESS/FEVER PRIOR TO CAMP ARRIVAL   Contagious diseases spread quickly in the camp setting.  Our expectation on Opening Day is that all campers arrive in a healthy condition.  If your child has a fever or is experiencing nausea or unusual pain, please delay his/her arrival time until 24 hours after illness or pain has abated and there is no elevated temperature.


SWIMMERS EAR PREVENTION   In order to minimize internal ear infections, swimmer’s eardrops are administered after each visit to the swim lake.


To keep our campers safe in the sun and on those hot summer days, we constantly remind campers to carry their water bottle at all times and drink water frequently. To assist in optimal hydration, camp does not serve sugared drinks at meals.  At lunch and dinner, we also ask each camper to drink at least 2 small tumblers of water.  If campers want to go up for milk, we still ask they drink the water prior to any milk intake.

Most activities are in shaded areas and in the water.  All activities areas have ready access to water to refill water bottles.  Water bottle fillers have been added to the majority of our water fountains.


ALL campers are required to apply sunscreen prior to morning and afternoon activities.  Campers who need additional applications of sunscreen are reminded to do so.