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Campers have freedom to choose activities they wish to participate in and the amount of time they spend there.  There are numerous benefits for your child with this system:

  • Campers will explore many things, including activities he/she may not have been aware of prior to camp.

  • Campers may spend more time in areas of interest, as opposed to being stuck all week at an activity he/she does not enjoy.

  • Campers challenge themselves to try every activity and earn lots of skill levels, concentrate on upper levels at their favorite activities or both.  For those who enjoy a relaxed pace, they can fine tune skills in areas of interest.

  • The Carson Junior Award is given to campers who earn the first level at our core activity areas. The first level usually takes 20-30 minutes.  We track skill levels from year to year so campers can continue to develop upper level skills for the Carson Senior and Rocker awards.

  • Campers practice important life skills of decision making and goal setting.  They will discover  things about themselves and  gain confidence to try new things and take on challenges when they return home.

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