Kniese Scholarship Information
A Message from August Neal,
Miami, FL

As you finish your week of camp, you may realize how fortunate you are to be in this beautiful setting, how fortunate you are to be healthy, and how fortunate you are to have the opportunity to show a little kindness to the campers and to each other this summer.  You are to be congratulated for being chosen for this job.  No doubt the experiences of this summer will impact your life for many years to come.

Over 40 years ago I was a camper here.  Later I was in your privileged position of working on staff for several summers.  Working at camp greatly enriched my life in part because of the staff members.  Among the wonderful staff members was someone particularly noteworthy.  His name was Mark Kniese.  You may have already seen a drawing of him in the dining hall or the memorial on the far side of the lake, above the steps.  Mark died in the University of Evansville plane crash in December 1977.

In memory of Mark, I have established a college scholarship.  This scholarship is about the good works and fullness of Mark’s life, not the shortness of his life.  This year the scholarship is $4,000 for a seasonal counselor of Camp Carson.  Before Mark Scoular tells you more about eligibility for the scholarship and how to apply, I want you to know a little about Mark Kniese.

Long before the tragic plane crash in 1977, Mark was a sort of legend among the campers.  Campers from previous summers wanted to be in his cabin.  He could be teaching the seemingly least interesting class and the campers flocked to it just to be around him.  He was constantly stirring things up and generating fun.  Anybody who worked here at that time could tell you quite a few hilarious stories about Mark.  It was a blast to be around him. But, that is not the quality about him that is being honored with this scholarship.

Mark took initiative and responsibility without being asked.  Although this is a great kind of person to work with, this is not the quality which is being honored.

Mark was athletic, he was smart, and he tried hard at everything he did.  And, still, it is not these qualities that are being honored with this scholarship.

The quality about Mark that this scholarship honors is that he was a caring, loving counselor.  He was sensitive to the needs of the campers and responded appropriately.  He went way out of his way to care for the campers and to be present to them.  You will have many chances to do the same this summer.  You can make a camper feel special and feel cared for.  This is the type of counselor that this scholarship will honor.  All of you have this quality or you wouldn’t have been hired to work here.  Thank you in advance for when you show a little extra kindness to a camper and to each other.