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Wranglers and First Year Dirt Bikers stay in our air conditioned yurts.

Fenneman Village and Ridge Top Cabin interior. 



Living in modern cabins with 3 counselors and 10 cabin mates, campers will connect as a "family".  Cabin counselors guide campers through a combination of individual attention and purposeful group interactions creating a place where cabin mates


  • Are accepted for who they are and are emotionally and socially safe to pursue their God-given potential

  • Experience a positive living environment as they encourage each other and celebrate successes together


  • Build strong relationships in a setting where teamwork, cooperation and respect are expected and championed

  • Communicate in face-to-face conversation as they "unplug" for a week and participate in intentional group discussions and cabin devotions


  • Assume responsibility as they take care of a personal belongings - learn respect for others as they share living space. 


  • Become part of the camp community at they work together on cabin chores and are good stewards of the camp ground  



The Fenneman Village cabins typically house our elementary school aged campers while the Ridge Top cabins typically house middle school and up.  Both of these cabin villages have toilets and sinks inside the cabin.  Showers are taken at the main bath house.  Wrangler campers and Dirt Bike campers stay in our air conditioned Yurts and will access the same bath house.



We are able to honor MUTUAL cabin mate requests as long as campers are within one year of age or grade of each other.  A vital part of the camp experience is making new friends and therefore, we intentionally try to split large groups of campers from the same school etc. in order to create an open opportunity for friendship for all campers.  It can be a bit overwhelming for a camper to be in a cabin when 2/3 of the cabin group is already a “unit”.  For this reason, we ask that you please limit your requests to 2 MUTUAL cabin mates and list by first and second preference.


Cabin assignments are not made until 2-3 days prior to check in and are not released prior to Check In day.  We truly understand how important this is to your camper and can guarantee that you will receive a phone call prior to your arrival if we are not able to meet your cabin mate request or need help in splitting a large group.