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ACE is at the heart of everything we do.  We believe that if campers feel accepted and know they belong, they are more willing to stretch their comfort zones and take on new challenges at camp.  We hope that the confidence gained through these challenges will empower our campers to take home an awareness of how they can facilitate acceptance in daily living as well as the confidence to take on any challenge they face.

To implement ACE, we are very intentional about every aspect of camp.  Whether it be at an activity area or with a cabin group, we are committed to developing young people who are caring, responsible, honest, respectful and of a strong faith.

Our activities are designed to follow a natural progression from Acceptance, Challenges, and Empowerment - ACE

  • Campers know they are accepted, and this environment enables our campers to truly stretch their comfort zones and take on new challenges without fearing awkward embarrassment should they not reach their initial goal. 

  • With everyone at camp cheering for each other through thick and thin, campers discover it's OK to try and try again.  With each challenge attempted, self-confidence grows stronger.

  • This self-confidence leads to a tremendous feeling of empowerment which translates on to all sorts of situations - meeting new people, holding a conversation, trying out for a sport, a choir, debate team...

  • Ultimately,  we hope campers strive to always ensure others feel accepted, take on new challenges, grow in confidence and self esteem and leave camp feeling empowered to take on some of the bigger challenges that they encounter in the journey of life.

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