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Complete Check-in and Check-out details will be emailed to families prior to camp. Please be sure all of your forms are submitted prior to arrival.



The Canteen is open each afternoon during free swim. T-shirts, souvenirs, ice cream, beverages, candy and salty snacks are available to purchase.  Campers are limited to 2 sweet snacks each day (candy and soda).  Pretzels, ice cream, nuts, trail mix and a variety of baked chips are also available.

You may deposit canteen money to your camper’s account online prior to your camper's arrival

  • ​Access your Parent Account

  • Click on the View Accounts section

  • Select your camper and click "Fund"

  • Enter in an amount and your credit card information, click "Fund Account"


​We recommend a $40 deposit for snacks/drinks and camp tshirt or souvenir. For campers staying two weeks and a weekend, we recommend a $90 deposit.


For safekeeping, please DO NOT allow campers to keep money in the cabin. 


ALL medications (including vitamins) must be given to the nurse on opening day at check-in.

  • Prescription drugs must be in the original container with current dosage clearly stated on the container.

  • If your camper requires any non-prescription drugs such as Zyrtec etc., these medications should also be in the original container in order to provide the camp nurse with all the appropriate medication information.  The Health Center is stocked with basic Tylenol and Ibuprofen etc. so it is not necessary to bring these to camp.


Keeping ALL medications out of the cabin helps ensure the safety of all campers.  All unused medications will be placed in your camper’s luggage on closing day.


​​You can write a couple of letters or cards and leave them with us on Check-In Day.  Write the camper’s name, cabin name, & day to deliver it on the envelope, and we’ll deliver to your camper during mailtime. 

Please do not mail or drop off packages for campers, especially avoid food & snacks that might attract critters to the cabins. 

You can also send one-way emails to your campers at no charge. This information will be given to you at check-in.


It's always exciting to see your child enjoying Camp Carson, and we take thousands of pictures throughout the week.  The photo link and password will be shared with you prior to camp. 


Having a birthday while you're at camp can be pretty special. We have decorations for the camper's cabin, and sing Happy Birthday to celebrate the special camper in the Dining Hall. 



The camp staff will check your photo ID as part of the check out process. 


For the safety of our campers, counselors can ONLY release campers to adults listed on the Permission to Leave Camp Closing Day form.  You may log into your parent account to review this form & confirm the adults listed.  If you need to make changes, please update that form online. 


​You can check your camper's canteen account prior to check-out, or we can tell you their remaining balance at check-out.  You can then choose one of these options for the balance:

  • Donate the funds to provide camp scholarships for children of military families

  • Receive a refund back to your original credit card.

If you do not notify us on Friday, we will automatically designate any remaining funds to scholarships for children of military families.


The camper experience is designed for the entire week and is intentionally programmed through a progression of relationship building, challenges, personal reflection, and growth.  When a camper leaves early, part of the overall experience is lost. 

However, if you need to pick your child up during camp or early on closing day, please email in advance.  

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