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1 Week, Coed, Ages 11-15

Campers participate in a 21-step instructional program on clutch control dirt bike riding and safety then progress to trail riding. They also spend time participating in traditional camp activities later in the week.


Lessons start with the assumption that the rider has no dirt bike experience.  However, even our experienced riders find they learn new skills and enhance their riding ability.  This instructional program is based on an off road version of the Motor Cycle Safety Foundation's road program and is designed to produce knowledgeable, safe riders of clutch control bikes. 


Lessons progress from understanding the parts, controls and the mechanics of the bike to clutch control, shifting gears, balance, counter-balance, maneuvering the bike in tight spaces, riding trails, and encountering mud pits and logs or other obstacles on the trails.

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First Year Dirt Bikers stay in air conditioned yurts.

Returning Dirt Biker

This add on option is available to Overnight and LIT campers who have completed Camp Carson’s First Year Dirt Bike Camp.  Campers will receive a quick refresher and riding evaluation on day 1 and then hit the trails the remaining 4 days at camp.  


The bike and helmet are provided by Camp Carson.

For protection, riders must bring non-polyester long pants and long sleeve shirts.  Riders will also need to wear a sturdy boot with ankle protection and protective gloves (batting gloves are fine).  Expensive motor cross riding gear is not necessary.

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