Campers have complete freedom to choose the activities they wish to participate in and the amount of time they spend there.  There are numerous benefits for your child with this system.


  • Campers are able to explore and give lots of things a try including activities he/she may not have been aware of prior to camp.

  • Campers who find interest in some activities more than others are able to spend more time there as opposed to being stuck all week at an activity he/she does not enjoy.

  • Campers may come to camp with a friend but they may not be interested in all the same things.  With a little teamwork, respect and cooperation, the open schedule allows your camper to not only pursue his/her individual interests but also work out a time to meet up with their friend for mutual interests.

  • Campers can schedule to spend time at activities with new friends they didn't know before camp.

  • Campers who are go-getters can challenge themselves to try every activity and earn lots of skill levels, concentrate on upper levels at their favorite activities or both.  For those who enjoy a more relaxed pace, they are also able to fine tune skills in focused areas of interest.

  • One incentive we offer is the Carson Junior Award which is given to every camper who earns the first level at our core activity areas. The first level usually takes 20-30 minutes and with the open schedule on Wednesday-Friday, they can easily move through several activity areas if they so choose.  We track skill levels from year to year so campers can continue to develop upper level skills and work towards the Carson Senior and Rocker awards.

  • All campers will learn and exercise the important life skills of decision making and goal setting.  Because they are free to explore, they will discover a lot of things about themselves and most importantly gain the confidence to keep trying new things and taking on challenges when they return home.  


  • On Sunday afternoon, campers will go on a camp tour with their cabin to see all the activities available to them.  They will then go to "Activity Sign Ups" and choose 3 activities for Monday morning and 3 activities for Tuesday morning.  For these first 2 mornings, campers will stay at the activity area they have chosen for a full period. 

  • By Wednesday, we hope they have become comfortable at camp and are now more confident to try a new activity or pursue more skill levels at an activity they have already tried.  For this reason, the Wednesday through Friday morning schedule moves to an "Open Choice" format.  Open choice allows campers to move between activities at a pace of their choosing - they can stay at an activity for as little or as long as they wish.  Campers sign in and out of each activity area and there are several staff available to ensure campers are able to find their way to their next activity.