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1 Week , Coed, Aged 11-15


Wrangler Camp provides campers an introduction to the responsibilities and joys of horses with lots of riding time and hands-on experiences. 

Wranglers are up before breakfast wishing the horses a good morning as they help lead them up from the lower pasture to the barn for their morning feed.

During the first Challenge Block each morning, Wranglers are once again hands-on as they learn how to groom, saddle, and bridle the horses. The second and third Challenge Blocks in the morning are open for Wranglers to experience the other activities at camp such as archery, the Alpine Tower, pottery, etc. until it is time to get the horses cooled down and ready for lunch.

Wranglers are assigned a horse for the week based on their abilities.  After lunch and rest period, campers spend time with their horse, and get to experience all of the aspects of horse ownership and care. They ride through forest trails and across fields. They also get time to ride in a closed arena to practice their skills, learn barrel patterns, play mounted games, and even ride bareback! Once a week they go on a lunch ride where they stop mid-trail to tie the horses up and enjoy a bagged lunch together at one of our campsites. Wranglers will also learn to trot and canter once they are ready.


Following the afternoon rides, Wranglers remove and care for their horse’s tack, groom and bathe the horses, and help walk them to the lower pasture for the night.

If the weather is not cooperative, adjustments are made to the Wrangler schedule to accommodate riding time.

In the afternoons or early evenings, Wranglers have the opportunity to enjoy Free Swim and Canteen. They then enjoy the evening program with the rest of the camp family or Wrangler specific programming.


For safety reasons, Wranglers should have long pants and closed-toed shoes with a heel. Any closed-toed shoe with a defined heel will work. Please pack clothes and shoes that can get dirty.

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Wranglers stay in air conditioned yurts.

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